7 top Fast-breaking drinks, snacks and meal ideas

The way you break your fast is important. Read a blog about that HERE. As a general rule, good fast-breaking meals contain quality fats, nourishing (vegetable) proteins and large array of nutrients from vegetables, fruits, activated seeds and nuts or funghi, to satiate and reassure the body and mind that all is well. It's also [...]

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Two steps to break your fast

Fasting is one thing, but getting to the end of the fast and then gorging on the nearest sugar doughnut undermines much of the benefits you have gained from the fasting. ‘Breaking the fast is as important as the fasting itself.’ This is a natural medicine fasting concept which must be emphasised even, in my [...]

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How should YOU fast?

Many people automatically baulk at the idea of fasting and can’t imagine how they would survive without food, even for a few hours. Yet there are many people embracing fasting on a regular basis, due to the many Boons of Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent Fasting (I.F.) is trending. There are many different I.F. methods promoted widely [...]

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To Eat or Not to Eat? A discussion on Fasting

Optimise your well being with Fasting. This talk and interactive discussion on intermittent fasting will show you how to: Lose weight, save money and feel better! Enjoy regular intermittent fasting, safely and effectively in your life Understand the latest science on intermittent fasting Gain confidence and motivation to improve your health Get practical know-how to [...]

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