Naturopathic consultations with Sally Mathrick

Sally’s consultation approach is based on naturopathic tenets, evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine and integrative medicine.Sally Mathrick Naturopath

In practice since graduating in 2003, Sally is continually educating herself. She has a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Southern Cross University, Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University, as well a numerous diplomas and certificates. She was the recipient of an Excellence in Naturopathy award (Bioceuticals 2016) and Warren Brauer Award (Southern Cross University 2003).

Drawing on her biomedical training, practical experience, relevant scientific research and understanding your wants and needs, Sally will create an individual wellness plan to support your whole being back to health.

By treating the whole individual, removing any obstacles to cure, ameliorating the cause and supporting innate vitality and healing capacity and drawing on effective natural medicines, Sally helps many people resolve their health problems.

Chronic health conditions such as fatigue, arthritis, depression and anxiety, gut issues, allergies, hormone imbalances, chronic immune issues and so on can all be radically improved using a thorough naturopathic approach. Sally has also worked extensively with Migraine suffers, with the team at Migraine Solutions.

Give it the right conditions and your body will heal itself.

CONSULTATIONS. Available in Bendigo or Online. Please select an appointment time for a Monday or Tuesday.




Initial consultations take 75 or 90 minutes (depending on complexity).
Follow up consultations are between 45 to 60 minutes.
There are 30 minute Express consultation available for acute problems.

Rates Consultation Prices June 2018

 What to expect

A naturopathic consultation with Sally Mathrick involves a thorough history of your health issues, analysis of recent pathology results, non-invasive tests or examinations and a discussion to determine your health goals and the treatment plan realistic to your life. She listens to you and gathers relevant information to gain insight into your individual process.

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Please download and bring along your completed Naturopathic Intake Form OR Naturopathic Child Intake Form and a few days of your dietary intake. You can use this Daily Food Diary

Selecting from naturopathic tools – whether healing foods, nutritional supplements, herbal teas, tablets or tinctures, remedial or relaxation massage, lifestyle changes, homeopathic remedies or Australian flower essences – together we create a wellness plan that will succeed in optimising your health and wellness, step by step.

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