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Sparkle Detox Course is currently available in Beta version.

About Sparkle Detox Course

Sparkle Detox Course is insightful, inspiring, individualised, fresh and fun. It draws upon a vast body of evidence and provides easy, effective ways to incorporate daily changes that improve health and longevity, step by step.

You’ll experience how positive, easy, healthy actions can make you feel SO much better. Detox isn’t about deprivation and withdrawal, taking pills or potions. It’s about stepping into a delightful, rich and alive fascination with your life and choosing the things that are truly right for you. Clearing out the dross and gunk is one part of the process, which can be painless when approached in a nourishing way.

This course steps through an internal preparation process and gives a range of options for “an intense detox” period, including liquid fasting. It also provides guidance on reducing toxins and how to “recalibrate normal” that includes establishing beneficial, supportive habits for life.

Wellness is a process. With each step you choose the direction you’re headed in. Enjoy your journey!!