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Sparkle Detox Courses are insightful, inspiring, individualised, fresh and fun.

They draw upon a vast body of evidence, yet provide easy, effective steps to incorporate daily changes to improve health and longevity, one by one.

You’ll soon experience how positive, easy, healthy actions can make you feel SO much better.


Wellness is a process. With each step you choose the direction you’re headed in. Enjoy your journey!!

Sparkle Detox & Sparkle 21 day Detox

Detox isn’t about deprivation and withdrawal, taking pills or potions. It’s about stepping into a delightful, rich and alive fascination with your life and choosing the things that are truly right for you. Clearing out the dross and gunk is one part of the process, which can be painless when approached in a nourishing way.

This course steps through an internal preparation process and gives a range of options for “an intense detox” period, including liquid fasting. It also provides guidance on reducing toxins and how to “recalibrate normal” that includes establishing beneficial, supportive habits for life.

Sparkle Nourish Course

Weight loss is sought after in epic proportions, however it is often performed with radical dieting and quite violent approaches.

Nourish is a healthy weight management course which aims to support you to walk into a normal healthy weight, through acknowledging the whole person within an environment. Nourish is also an nutrition education course, which empowers you to make the right choices for yourself (and not fall for marketing hype).

Nourish Course is an 8-week process, which focuses on self love and nourishment in a way that leads to fat loss and health gain.

Sparkle Vital Course

Vital Course is still in development, and will be available in 2019. Please check back soon.