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Therapeutic Naturopathic Fasting – International Conference 2019

The 11th Herbal and Naturopathic International Conference is at The Pullman Albert Park Melbourne on March 29-31 2019. Sally is presenting "Therapeutic Fasting: Naturopathy stakes a claim". The talk reviews current scientific evidence of therapeutic outcomes from different fasting approaches, including intermittent, time restricted and prolonged fasting. Sally will discuss in-clinic (or in-retreat) testing to [...]

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Heal your gut – Fermenting Food Workshops

Above: A 10-minute introduction to fermented foods from Sally Mathrick - Health Educator and Naturopath  (Winter 2016) - Get the updates at this workshop! The food secrets to stop you getting sick, feeling tired, moody or blocked up. Impact your whole health by nurturing your gut microbiota with food & make your own fermented [...]