Optimal nutrition, even in the busiest of times

How to use food to help deal with stress, ease digestion AND boost vitality!

In today’s busy world, our capacity to digest what we eat is reduced, partly because when we are stressed, our digestion doesn’t work well.

When we experience a stressful event, or ongoing stressful events, our body works to help us think sharply, have strong muscles and run fast. All in order to respond to that ferocious tiger – or boss!

While it might enhance our chance of survival in the immediate future, this stress response shunts energy away from digestive processes, and over time can lead to exhausting energy levels.

For an optimal digestion, we need to R E L A X.

And if you can’t relax, drink your food instead.

“Eat your drinks, and drink your food” – Traditional Naturopathic adage

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Brown smoothie

Blending spinach, blueberries, ground linseed and half a banana will make a brown smoothie that is just so good (for some people, some of the time…)

Liquid Nutrition can provide convenient and highly nutritious ‘fuel’ foods for active, busy lifestyles. Liquid food can be nutrient dense. It can hydrate you. It can be very convenient. It can be easier to consume, break down and absorb than solid foods.

Liquid foods include soups, broths, juices, smoothies and elixirs.

Creating the right liquid meals to suit your life needs is an ongoing tailoring process…

You need to take into account your energy requirements, the activities you’re involved in, the temperature of your environment, what’s in season, what phase of growth and development you are in, your taste preferences etcetera.

Learn about liquid nutrition with Naturopath Sally Mathrick

Liquid Nutrition Workshop is perfect for busy people who want to nourish and fuel their full lives – and their kids’ lives – with healthy and delicious food and give your life an added vitality boost!

Orange bubbles Sound Medicine


  • Your team will create your own smoothie during the workshop, share it and tell everyone WHY it’s so fantastic.
  • about the therapeutic roles different foods play to support, repair and heal your body
  • the different styles of smoothies ie ‘green smoothies’, ‘green soup’, protein smoothies
  • differences, pros & cons between smoothies, soups and juices
  • which proteins, fats and carbs to use to create a smoothie to suit you
  • Food as Medicine – what healing qualities different foods provide
  • benefits of liquid foods on digestion, particularly in times of stress
  • dive into the world of ‘superfoods’
  • how to make delicious smoothies for your wellbeing
  • understand different kitchen machines – blenders & juicers

Welcome to the world of liquid nutrition!


  • know how on the taste a range of juices, superfoods, and smoothies
  • the warm feeling of creating & sharing your smoothie creation
  • take home knowledge that will benefit your health for the rest of your life
  • PLUS receive the Sound Medicine Green Smoothie e-Guide
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