Online Naturopathy Consultation by appointment
with leading Australian naturopath Sally Mathrick

Online appointments available Wednesday afternoons and evenings, by appointment.

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Naturopathic consultations with Australian leading naturopath Sally Mathrick

Sally’s consultation approach is based on naturopathic tenets, evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine, wholistic natural and integrative medicine.

Sally practices as a naturopath alongside Recharge Health Clinic & Migraine Solutions in Clifton Hill / Fitzroy North (Melbourne)  as well as online Wednesday afternoons.

Since 2003 she has been practicing in medical centres, private practice and health clinics alongside osteopaths, physiotherapists and psychologists, Sally regularly collaborates with other practitioners to achieve effective, patient-centred care.

Using sound Naturopathic tenets: treating the whole person, removing any obstacles to cure, ameliorating the cause, supporting the innate vitality and healing capacity and drawing on effective natural medicines, we will help you to resolve health problems, including long standing issues.

While the focus is on your health not on the disease, Sally uses naturopathy as an effective way to treat a wide range of chronic health conditions, including fatigue, arthritis, depression and anxiety, gut and digestive problems, allergies, hormone imbalances, chronic immune issues, migraine and more.

Drawing on her ongoing health science training (currently doing Honours degree and teaching under graduates), practical experience, recently published scientific research and a thorough understanding your own wants and needs, Sally creates individual wellness plans to support your whole being back to health.

Naturopath Sally Mathrick

Sally Mathrick, naturopath

Bach. Nat (SC Uni) Bach. Arts (Uni Melb) DRM(ACNT)
National Herbalists Association Australia Member 154226
and Board Member since 2018

 What to expect

Your naturopathic initial consultation involves a thorough history of your health issues, analysis of recent pathology results, non-invasive tests or examinations and a discussion to determine your health goals and the treatment plan realistic to your life.

Selecting from naturopathic modalities – food as medicine, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, Lifestyle Medicine or other applicable remedy – together we  create a step by step wellness plan that optimises your health and wellness.

Naturopathy Consultation length:

Initial consultations take 75 or 90 minutes.
Follow up consultations are between 45 to 60 minutes.
30 minute “express consultation” are also available for acute problems.

Naturopathy Consultation rates:

Naturopathy Consultation Prices Jan 2019 – Online

Naturopathy Consultation Prices Jan 2019 – Melbourne / Fitzroy North clinic

What to bring:

  1. Naturopathic Intake Form or Naturopathic Child Intake Form
  2. Daily Food Diary to record 1-3 days of your normal food intake
  3. Copies of any recent pathology results or other testing or reports