Sick and tired of being sick (and tired)? Over catching everything that’s going around?

Naturally fortify your immune system, and stop the whole office going down with colds and ‘flus this winter!!!

It’s not necessary to get sick every winter when we have the know-how on how to prevent catching illnesses, and how to nurture a strong immune system. Keep your team well, and resilient to illness through lifestyle and natural medicines that help prevent and boost immune function.

We can draw on many areas of natural medicine, including nutrition, evidenced herbal and fungal medicines, hygiene, hydrotherapy and other self care practices to bolster our innate defenses.


  • Your first and second lines of immune defense
  • How to minimise the spread of infection
  • Key nutrients needed for your immune to function – preventing deficiencies & how to eat them in you daily diet
  • Herbal medicines for incorporated into daily use, and what to use as effective herbal boosters if you feel a niggle
  • We can make a Fire Tonic – get hands on and then take home your own home made medicine that works (seriously revolutionary)
  • How to make a ‘no waste’ broth for immune support (and helping reduce global warming just that little bit)
  • Additional practices to enhance your immune resilience


  • Make up a Bottle of Fire Tonic to take home and drink to fortify your immune system
  • Samples of Organic India Tulsi tea bags for an easy daily immune boost
  • Knowledge that will serve you (and your family and teams) well for ever!!

WHERE & WHEN: We can tailor a workshop for you and deliver it to your team. Generally a 60-90 minute time frame works well.

Interested this workshop for your team? Let’s talk!