Thrive as a Mature Woman

Find your medicines for peri- and menopausal hot flushes, insomnia, emotional upheavals, weight gain, and so many other challenging signs and symptoms.

There are many common struggles for women transitioning through mid-life, however they are certainly NOT mandatory! There’s a general dread about menopause. There’s often denial that it “won’t happen to me”.

Things start changing for women in their early to mid forties… a few more wrinkles, less skin turgor, a strange period here and there.

As they move towards the half century mark… their bodies show more signs of a transformation… perhaps flushes, or itches, or early morning wakings…

Simultaneously women’s perspectives may start to shift… things are not as one previously thought them to be… somethings look less certain, other things are suddenly less important…

Traditional Chinese Medicine calls post menopause a woman’s ‘Second Spring’.

At Sound Medicine, we like to use the term ‘Mature Woman’. Let’s explore, and celebrate, what that means for you.

Join a Small Group Meet Up – online with Sally Mathrick
Live online groups – 6pm Thursday May 14th, 21st, 28th – Save your space!


1. We’ll find out what kinds of things everyone is experiencing, and get a sense of what people are experiencing.

2. Sally will present a short talk on Menopause Symptom Management, which includes:

  • Looking at common symptoms of The Change, and methods to manage them
  • What actually happens to hormones during the climacteric – and their impacts on whole health
  • Increases in disease risks, and what to do to reduce these with evidenced prevention strategies
  • Key effective foods, nutrients and herbs that can support this transition and can reduce symptoms

3. We’ll open to have specific questions

Workshops provide expert, effective, applicable, up to date wellness insights and facilitation from naturopath Sally Mathrick.

Sally presented at Seven Sister Festival 2020 on Oestrogen:The Good, The Bad & The Ugly and is currently researching menopausal health, and in particular GenitoUrinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM).

Online workshops provide general knowledge and are not prescribing individual treatments or approaches. Not all of the remedies will suit all of the people.

Small group discussion about becoming a Mature Woman – $20 per woman