Learn ways to harness internal safety & calm

The latest science is delivering evidence of the positive impact of a dominant “rest & digest” arm of the nervous system. We have many effective exercises that engage this mode of the nervous system to tap  inner calm.

Learn practices that tone the vagus nerve, the body’s 10th cranial nerve. Good vagal tone leads to greater resilience, healing from stress, and engenders internal balance to better master stress.

Develop grace under pressure

Simple practices can shift us from hyper-reactivity to a more grounded, calm response. Recent insights into the breadth of the vagal nerve’s impact on the system, reveal the sophisticated inter-connectedness throughout the body and mind. We have the tools that support grounded and calm function, which need to be practiced regularly for long term effect. Their impact is felt immediately on practicing them.

Overwhelm and over reacting

Many people feel overwhelmed, have difficulty concentrating, don’t sleep well, rely on stimulants and depressants or display other symptoms of poorly managed stress. It is normal to switch into “fight or flight or freeze” mode when we perceive a threat. In neuro-physiology, this mode is called sympathetic dominance. It’s a hyper reactive state that can build into chronic stress, leading to ill health and poor performance.

We know mastering stress response impacts health, clear thinking and general life enjoyment. Why not invest in learning evidenced tools that effectively build stress resilience?

In these workshops, you’ll come to understand this aspect of the nervous system and learn effective practices to tone vagus nerve function. You’ll become masterful at creating your own better health, dependability and innovation.

These experiential workshops teach effective, simple practices that can be incorporated into every day living. We’ll draw on evidenced Nutritional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, herbal and mindfulness prescriptions, blended with traditional yogic systems that build resilience, in both body and mind. Plus have fun exploring these practices.

Practices explored can include:

  • Specific breathing practices
  • Self Massage
  • Humming and toning
  • Writing practices
  • Yin yoga – relaxation postures
  • Eating foods to benefit nervous system
  • Mindfulness practices – Perceptions and attitudes to adopt

Your workshop can last from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your team’s time budget. Or we can do a training series to help your team implement practices and really reap the benefits.


Run a workshop for your group


  • Two simple breathing techniques to access your inner stable ground
  • Personal care practice that tone the vagal nerve
  • Lifestyle practices that enhance enjoyment and bring calm
  • Food and nutrients the nervous system needs for optimal function
  • How the nervous system controls the body and mind, and how to restore balance
  • Herbal tonics that enhance balanced stress response


  • A suite of effective practices to embody stress resilience
  • A handout sheet that details the “vagal tone hacks”
  • Sample herbal teas to incorporate into your life
  • Insight that empowers you to do your work well
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