Learn about the hidden toxins in your bathroom and make your own toothpaste and deodorant.

Reduce the personal toxins your ‘normal’ bathroom regime imparts by identifying toxicants & knowing about the effective alternatives. Plus, reduce plastic waste while you’re at it!

The number of synthetic chemicals used each day in the average bathroom is boggling. Many go down the sink and most are packaged in plastic which burdens our ecosystem further.

You will make your own effective toothpaste and deodorant using non-toxic materials to take home with you. These are awesome recipes have been developed by Naturopath Naabi Methe from Common Garden Health . Detox expert Sally Mathrick will support your learning about detoxing your personal care protcotol, and practicing truly personal care.

This workshop will expand on what we can change to make our bathroom rituals healthier for us and the planet, are fun to make and smell delicious.


Specific toxic ingredients to look out for and avoid in personal care products

Strategies to minimise harm – in application and usage patterns

About packaging solutions and options

How to make your own deodorant sticks and paste

How to make your own toothpaste and powder (make fantastic gifts)

Where to access ingredients for product making


  • Your own deodorant paste AND stick
  • Your own toothpaste AND powder
  • Some recipes and ideas that will help you to develop a personal care protocol that is really nourishing for you and your family.
  • Experience, plus add know-how to the wisdom of the group.


6.30-8pm Wednesday 15th May at Recharge Health Clinic 324 Queens Parade Clifton Hill

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL (Limited to 10 participants)

Book Your Place – Max 10 people per session