Group Online Program – 21 day Cleanse & Renew


Feel Stronger, Clearer and Healthier in 21-days

Cleanse & Renew group online programs starts April 18th

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*BONUS* Live Group sessions with Sally for additional insights and empowerment!



GROUP Cleanse & Renew online program!

21- easy steps to help you increase physical and mental energy (and improve your immune function). Plus benefit the environment and the people around you!

Cleanse & Renew online program 21 Days to a Healthier You is an effective, safe, tried and tested method to cleanse, lose excess weight and feel recharged.

What’s included:

You receive 21 steps for 21 days. These cover everything from mindset, to hydration, nutrition, recipes, herbal medicine, exercise, environmental medicine, and more.

PLUS, each week get your questions answered in the LIVE group session with renowned Naturopath & Health Educator Sally Mathrick

  • Daily emails summarising the concepts
  • Short lectures describing each step that you can listen to on the run; inspiring, educating and empowering you to make great choices for your health, now and forever!
  • Concise check-lists and guides will accelerate towards your most radiant self
  • Select from recipes and meal ideas that support your body to cleanse and shine
  • A growing video library of Q & As
  • Every week, jump onto a LIVE video call to get your questions answered by Sally
  • You have access for 28 days, in case you need to catch up or revisit (let us know if you need an extra week or so)

Your unique spark is precious & important. You’re SO worth the investment.

You don’t have to avoid drinking and eating ‘naughty’ foods for the whole 3 weeks, only for a more intense cleansing period. You can plan when that will be.

Here’s the overview:

21-day email series starts. This first week is intention and goal setting, hydration, mineralisation, vitalisation processes, to create the conditions for effective detox
Live zoom for Q&A and discussion with Sally (please email your questions in prior)
Start to reduce toxicants (things creating toxicity in the body) and support detoxification and elimination channels
Live zoom for Q&A and discussion with Sally (please email your questions in prior)
Experience your form of fasting and correct fast breaking, clear the spaces you live in – feel amazing
Live zoom for Q&A, discussion with Sally (please email your questions in prior) and celebration for feeling so fantastic!