Gift of Health – Reset Yourself


Give the Gift of Health – Reset Yourself – Online Retreat

A 5-day Virtual Retreat for you to refresh your body & mind with leading experts in wholistic health to support you to create the twenties better!

All vouchers are individually addressed, and valid for 6 months.


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Reset Yourself – Gift a virtual retreat

We are living through such remarkable times.

Everyone is being impacted differently, but chances are, it’s been a bit of a stressful year for you and those around you. Reset Yourself is designed to help you manage better.

Reset Yourself is a 5 day experience of effective practices, tools and fresh thinking to help you feel strong in body and mind ( immunity too). It is intended to empower you to respond in the best way possible to the events unfolding around you, because you feel rejuvenated, more confident and healthy.

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Sparkle Well Reset Yourself is a virtual retreat providing tools to help most people, most of the time. Select and apply those that resonate with you.

There’s no SINGLE way to “reset”, only your way for you.

Join Naturopath Sally Mathrick and other leading wellness facilitators for this 5-day virtual retreat to refresh your body and mind for the seasons ahead.

You have access for 14 days, and can return repeatedly during that time.