Optimise your well being with Fasting.

This talk and interactive discussion on intermittent fasting will show you how to:

  • Lose weight, save money and feel better!
  • Enjoy regular intermittent fasting, safely and effectively in your life
  • Understand the latest science on intermittent fasting
  • Gain confidence and motivation to improve your health
  • Get practical know-how to implement fasting into your life to reap the rewards

You’ll have insight and understanding how to implement this simple approach to optimal health easily.

Sally Mathick, naturopath, is passionate about delivering effective health practices to enhance people’s lives – to help them be happier, healthier and smarter in their day to day lives. This talk and discussion will give you the tools to improve your health – no supplements or special foods required – au contraire!!

Plus, sip on a delicious Sparkle Tea and receive a Sparkle Detox e-book for FREE!


The Old Church on the Hill – Russell Street, Quarry Hill, Bendigo

Monday 21st March – 6pm- 7pm

Tickets $5 / $15 HERE