Workplace well being

Create a thriving workplace, reduce risks of injury and disease, and support your people to be healthy and productive.

Employees feeling happy, healthy and safe, are more productive, efficient and creative.

Workplace wellness sessions demonstrate that your company values and cares for the safety, health and well being of its people. Plus they inspire people to embrace effective tools and tactics, to actively create a flourishing work life.

A culture of wellness develops through engaging wellness initiatives that make health-giving habits a daily activity. That way benefits are experienced providing excellent ROI.

Our workplace wellness programs are:

Innovative, engaging & motivating

Practical, relevant & effective

Tailored to inspire your people

Let’s discuss to enhance your team’s resilience

Improve productivity, resilience, innovation & morale.

Nurture your teams with:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved adaptability to change
  • Balanced energy levels
  • Improved morale
  • Greater resilience to illness

Watch how contagious healthy habits and great attitudes can be!

How we engage participants:

  • Online induction and annual trainings
  • Workshop-style interactions
  • Experiential processes
  • Evidence-based health information
  • Introducing doable daily health hacks
  • Highly experienced practitioners in health and healing

Individual participants take up practices they feel inspired by, share and develop them, to bring about whole health change.

Participants rate our presentations an average of 9/10!

“Thanks for a terrific launch of our program. The feedback was very positive.
Well done…you have definitely made an impact”

HR manager, BMW

 “Your session was fantastic – I’ve spotted a number of the delegates doing neck stretches in their offices already! … It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, not only for the practical advice it offered, but for the opportunity it gave the team to try something different and to relax in each other’s company.”

Lawyer, Allen Arthur Robinson

“Thanks for the session – it was GREAT!
Thanks for being so informative, nurturing and practical.
The GetUp team will benefit all year from your advice”.

Brett Solomon, Executive Director GetUp! Australia