Sparkle Well Online Courses

Dive into a rich array of effective, evidence based, wellbeing hacks and practical tools to support you to gain control over your health.

Choose from Sparkle detox challenge, Sparkle full detox and Sparkle Nourish and find the tools you need to shift your health trajectory.

Sparkle Complete (Rejuve) Detox and 21 day Detox (Rejuve) Challenge step through a preparation process, offering a range of options for a suitable detox period. You will receive guidance on reducing toxins and how to “recalibrate normal” that is naturally rejuvenating!

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Focused on self love and nourishment, Sparkle Nourish is an insightful nutrition course that leads to both fat loss and health gain!

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The Sparkle Vital Course is still in development, and will be available in 2020.

Please check back soon.

D.I.Y. Online Wellness Courses

If you are struggling with weight management, energy levels or are just generally feeling blah, we have created programs of evidenced wellbeing advice that will lead you, step by step, to your path of optimal wellness.

Sparkle Courses are insightful, inspiring, individualised, fresh & fun. Drawing upon a vast body of evidence, the courses provide easy, effective steps to incorporate daily changes to improve health and longevity, one by one, at your own pace, in your own space.

Experience how positive, easy, healthy actions can make you feel SO much better – in your own space, and your own pace.

Wellness is a process… at each step you choose your trajectory…
enjoy your journey to your optimal wellbeing!

Ready to commit to your optimal health? This is for you…

Sparkle Nourish OR Detox course
Individual Naturopathic Consultations

Get in-depth support to achieve your wellness goals – following either Sparkle Nourish for Healthy Weight Loss or Sparkle Detox


  • 75-minute individual consultation with Naturopath Sally Mathrick (either online or in person) to clarify your goals and tailor your unique path – this might include food, herbal medicines, lifestyle advice and so on (prescribed supplements or medicines are an additional cost)
  • 30-minute follow up consultation (either online or in person)
  • Comprehensive Nourish OR Detox Online courses – including audios, videos, shopping lists, information sheets etc Access for a 6 months

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