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Inspire well people

Group wellness workshops motivate and empower your people to adopt positive health actions PLUS provide experiential and collaborative learning that generates group well being together.

Explore nutrition, lifestyle medicine, mindfulness and other evidence-based, natural medicines with your group, at your place or ours.

Workshops are fun and hands-on. Whether it’s squelching your own sauerkraut, tasting activated foods (and knowing why!!), communicating using positive psychology, or making your own toothpaste, group wellness workshops create an atmosphere that encourages your team to share knowledge, tips and insights, as well as making space for learning and change.

Workshops are tailored to your teams needs.

Affordable group wellness solutions for NFP /community groups, profit for purpose/ B corp companies, and corporate workplaces.

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What experiences will help your group?

We have rates for community groups, purpose for profit & corporate rates that are competitive and provide excellent return on investment!

What to expect

An overview of a workshop:

Kick Off:  We explore a topical question – or find out what questions are within the group.

Information and set up: Sally, or the guest presenter, will share some of the latest understandings from nutritional sciences and Lifestyle Medicine and provide some key insights that you can use in life.

Experience: Everyone gets hands-on with the experience – prepping, tasting, making etc. This invites natural connection; sharing of stories, family traditions, people helping each other and so on. Generally there’s quite a lot of laughter too!

Reflection: We reflect, discuss and then generate key ways we can implement the health hacks at into daily life and what that would look like. This is the time we ask, answer and explore any further questions. Everyone leaves with many things of great value, not least the know-how that will benefit you and your family for ever.

We work with you to ensure the correct timing, content and experiences are provided.

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