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Nourish Yourself WORKSHOPS

Get expert, hands-on, effective, applicable, wellness insights

.. and have FUN while you’re at it!

Why waste hours reading health bloggers’ conflicting opinions? Or worse, follow the wrong advice and suffer the consequences! In 90 minutes receive accurate, up to date, evidenced-based, wholistic wellness know-how from well educated, experienced practitioners and health educators.

Gain insights into the latest science, safe health hacks to adopt, have experiences and/or tastings to know how to implement a good health habit, PLUS plenty of informal opportunities to swap and share know-how.

Nourish Yourself Workshops provide tastings and/or hands on making of wellness morsels to immerse yourself in the experience of effective medicines. In the workshops you will learn skills to improve your health: whether weight management, digestive capacity, energy levels, toxin exposure, enhance brain health AND support life on the planet while you’re at it. At the end of workshop we take a moment to reflect on your new insights, and explore how you will adopt hacks and weave in habits into life that will benefit you (and our planet) for ever.

WHERE: Upstairs at Recharge Health Clinic, 324 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Melbourne Victoria

Special fermenting food workshop: The Old Church On the Hill, Russell Street, Quarry Hill, Bendigo Victoria

LIMITED places in each workshop. Bookings Essential. PLEASE BOOK ASAP TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT

WORKSHOPS in Fitzroy North

1 May – Heal You Gut – Foods that can support your gut, plus make your own fermented food (SOLD OUT)

7 May – Veggo Paleo – Lose weight and save the planet! Low Carb veggo style. Activate and sprouting workshop

15 May – Zero Waste Bathrooms – Reduce land fill & toxic exposure, and make your own deodorants and toothpastes

22 May Heal You Gut – Foods that can support your gut, plus make your own fermented food (Repeat class)

19 June – Immune Fortify – Avoid a cold this winter. Make your own immune fire tonic medicine! Enjoy food & herbs to boost your innate defenses

24 July – Women’s Mid life Transformation – Feeling tetchy? Supporting Peri-, Menopause and Post Menopause really well. Make delicious balls for yourself.

DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED – Sugar Free Life – Learn how sugar is secretly damaging your health and how to beat the cravings in simple steps. Email us to be kept in the loop!

DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED – Brain Love – Clarity, memory, thinking better – learn how to have life-long interesting conversations. Email us to be kept in the loop!

WORKSHOP in Bendigo

16 June – Heal You Gut – Discover the benevolent KKK – Kombucha, Kraut, Kefir. Foods that support your gut, plus make your jar of kraut

What happens in a Nourish Yourself: 90-minute Health Taster workshop?

They run roughly like this:

Kick off at 6.30pm when we explore a topical question for 10 minutes. Then Sally, or the guest presenter, will share some of the latest understandings from nutritional sciences and Lifestyle Medicine and provide some key insights that you can use in life, for 15-20 minutes. Following this, we get hands-on with the experience – prepping, tasting, making etc. After that, we reflect, discuss and generate some of the key ways we can implement the health hacks at home. Ask, answer and explore questions. You leave with many things of great value, not least the know-how that will benefit you and your family for ever. We aim to be out the door by 8.01pm.

What’s included: The facilitated workshop, expert lecture, hands-on making and/or tasting experience, PLUS your take home item.

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