Detox can feel overwhelming when we consider how much and how many toxins we face each day.

We know that every living being contains man-made chemical now. We know that some pollutants are more detrimental than others, and we know that some are only needed in tiny amounts to cause a devastating effect on function and development. Most of us also know that the level of toxins entering our environment each year – through petrochemical products predominantly – is not slowing down, despite the knowledge of their ill-effects. We know it’s often cheaper and easier to perpetuate more toxicity than to slow it down.

It’s not at all surprising that we so easily feel overwhelmed.

‘Detox Your World’ Workshop is an empowering workshop that asks some simple questions to find some simple solutions, drawing on sophisticated wisdom of the whole group. By separating out the different areas of our ‘world’, we discuss, brainstorm and then distill thinking to identify some key ways of thinking, acting and questioning that REALLY helps us to detox our world.

I’m so excited to work with a group of women to elicit real actions to cleanse our world. Please join us at Seven Sisters Festival at Mount Martha

Sunday 20th March
Vitality Space

Presented by Naturopath Sally Mathrick and co-facilitated by Amy Hart

Seven Sisters Festival