Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Over catching everything that’s going around?

Naturally fortify your immune system and ditch the sick bed for the slopes this winter

It’s not necessary to get sick every winter when we have the know how on how to prevent catching illnesses, and how to nurture a strong immune system. We can draw on many areas of natural medicine, including nutrition, herbal and fungal medicine, hydrotherapy and other self care practices to bolster our innate defenses. Sometimes this medicine is already in your kitchen cupboard!


  • Your first and second lines of defense (you get a prize if you already know these)
  • Key nutrients needed for immune function – and how to include them in you daily diet
  • Herbal medicines for daily use, and what to use as effective herbal boosters if you feel a niggle
  • You’ll make Fire Tonic – take home your own home made medicine that works (seriously revolutionary)
  • How to make a ‘no waste’ broth for immune support (and helping reduce global warming just that little bit).


  • A belly full of delicious, nourishing, immune-boosting broth
  • You’ll make up a Fire tonic to take home and drink to fortify your immune system
  • Some sample Tulsi tea bags to try a simple daily boost
  • Knowledge that will serve you well for ever

WHERE:  Recharge Health Clinic 324 Queens Parade Clifton Hill 3068

WHEN:  6.30-8pm Wed 29th May

COST: $118 waged (purchase online) $88 pensioner/unwaged (please use coupon code CONCESSION for your discount, and bring your card to the workshop)

What happens in a Nourish Yourself 90-minute Health Taster?

We start at 6.30pm and explore a topical question for 10 minutes. Then Sally will share some of the latest understandings from nutritional sciences and Lifestyle Medicine for 15 minutes or so. Following this we get hands on into the experience at hand – prepping, tasting, making etc. Then we reflect, discuss and generate some of the key ways we can implement the health hacks at home. You leave with somethings of great value, and out the door by 8.00pm.

BOOK YOUR PLACE – Only 10 People per session