Thrive through Peri Menopause & Menopause

Troubled by hot flushes, insomnia, emotional upheavals, weight gain, or feelings of aging radically fast?

This is common, but not mandatory!!

Things start changing for women in their early to mid forties… a few more wrinkles, less skin turgor, a strange period here and there.

As they move towards the half century mark… their bodies show more signs of a transformation… from flushes, to itches, to early morning wakings, and more.

Simultaneously women’s perspectives may start to shift… things are not as one previously thought them to be… somethings look less certain, other things are suddenly less important than before…

What Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the ‘Second Spring’, is akin to a second puberty.

It’s the other end of the reproductive cycle, and holds a potential for change, as radical as the change of teenage puberty. Except this time, you have the wisdom to direct your transition.

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Mainstream perceptions of women’s midlife are invisible and not exactly celebrated! Medically, menopause been defined as hormone deficiency, fraught with discomfort and inevitable seeding of chronic diseases. Learn about these disease risks, and what to do to reduce them.

There’s a general dreading about menopause, and women bend over backwards in the futile attempts to look twenty five again, given the mainstream reverence of the ideal of a twenty-five-year-old female.

However, women at fifty years old are twice that … plus something else.

Let’s explore what that ‘something else’ is.



Session 1 – Symptom Management

  • Looking at common symptoms of the change, and evidenced methods to manage them
  • What happens to hormones during the climacteric – and the impacts on whole health
  • Identifying the chronic disease risk increases after the transition, and the evidenced prevention strategies
  • Key effective foods, nutrients and herbs that support this transition and can reduce symptoms
  • Enjoy a cup of nourishing tea and some delicious supportive balls

Session 2 – Healthy Weight Management

  • Dealing with the weight gain that often occurs during menopause – Why, what, how
  • How to eat well during the transition for healthy weight management
  • What’s important for strong bones now and moving forward
  • More direction on maintaining whole health
  • Enjoy a cup of nourishing tea and some delicious snacks

Session 3 – Creative Power in Mind and Body

  • Investigating creativity in post menopausal – what is the flavour of this?
  • Nourishing all tissues (even those hidden ones) throughout the transition
  • How to enhance and support connective tissue
  • Celebrating your Autumn Queen and your Maga (magician) period
  • Enjoy a glass of a refreshing beverage and celebratory nibbles


  • Recipes, meal planning and snack ideas to nourish yourself and reduce symptoms
  • Lifestyle practices that direct a new trajectory for yourself, (towards empowerment, softness, beauty, authenticity and creating whatever you want)
  • Encouragement, being understood and confidence in your own process
  • Knowledge that will serve you (and everyone around you) well for ever – including effective natural medicines and how to source them.
  • PLUS Receive a $40 dollar discount on any individual naturopathic consultation you want to have with Sally to hone your own protocol and prescription

These workshops provide expert, effective, applicable, wellness insights and facilitation from leading Australian Naturopath Sally Mathrick

.. plus have FUN while you’re at it!

In 90 minutes receive accurate, up to date, evidenced-based, wholistic wellness know-how on what to expect during peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause from life-long learner, naturopath Sally Mathrick.

Gain insights into the latest science, and learn safe and effective health hacks you can adopt into your life.

Connect with others to discuss this powerful and important period of your life.

Taste and experience some of the lifestyle medicine ideas you can implement, PLUS enjoy informal opportunities to swap and share know-how.

At the end of workshop, we take a moment to reflect on your new insights, and explore how you will adopt hacks and weave in habits into life that will benefit you (and our planet) for ever.