Peri-WHAT!? Feeling tetchy?

Don’t divorce the husband, leave your job and kids and run away overseas just yet…

A call to women aged 40 to 55 years old… Come to discuss how we can create midlife transition to be a celebration, validation and strengthening platform for the rest of your life, using nutrition, herbal medicines, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine.

Many health problems can occur during the climacteric (peri, menopause & post menopause). Let’s talk about them. They can be understood and managed to bring more harmony to this important hormonal transition – or ‘the Second Spring’ as the Traditional Chinese Medicine people call it.


What happens to hormones during the climacteric – and what that means

Dealing with the weight gain that often occurs during menopause

Key effective foods, nutrients and herbs that support this transition

How to eat well during the transition

Lovely teas to enjoy and gain support from

Recognise the increases in chronic disease risk and how to prevent these developing

How to make delicious balls from foods that support the transition


  • Your home made, delicious, supportive balls to continue self nourishment
  • A new trajectory for yourself, towards empowerment, softness, beauty, authenticity and whatever you want
  • Encouragement and a sense of being understood
  • Knowledge that will serve you (and everyone around you) well for ever!
What happens in a Nourish Yourself 90-minute Health Taster?

We start at 6.30pm and explore a topical question for 10 minutes. Then Sally will share some of the latest understandings from nutritional sciences and Lifestyle Medicine for 15 minutes or so. Following this we get hands on into the experience at hand – prepping, tasting, making etc. Then we reflect, discuss and generate some of the key ways we can implement the health hacks at home. You leave with somethings of great value, and out the door by 8.00pm.

WHERE:  Recharge Health Clinic 324 Queens Parade Clifton Hill 3068

WHEN:  6.30-8pm Wed 24th July

COST: $89 (purchase online) Includes your batch of balls to take home

CLAIM YOUR PLACE – Max 10 People per session