Enhance your health throughout the pandemic – Short sessions for $50

Pandemic. This is not something we have experienced before. Let’s support each other and move through this period with resilience, compassion & strength. To help, I am offering 30 min sessions to provide specific wellness direction for individuals.

Here are the current global pandemic figures. We currently have no “cure” for the 2019 Corona virus disease (Covid-19).

We know COVID-19 initially infects the upper respiratory tract, then creates severe disease in the lungs, creating inflammation throughout the body, and rendering the whole system more vulnerable to other infections, such as pneumonia.

You can reduce the risk of getting infected by reducing your exposure and susceptibility.

Firstly, prevent the viral spreading through your community. Primarily this is done by washing your hands regularly with soap, wearing a face masks when out, staying home and keeping 2 meters physical distance from everyone (other than the people you live with). Please refer to your Public Health updates to ensure you are keeping yourself and others safe.

You might also reduce your susceptibility and severity by boosting your overall health.

Things that can enhance your resilience throughout this unprecedented period include good nutrition, healthy exercise habits, connecting with people you care for (even if just over the phone), practicing relaxation techniques, having deep sleep and being moderate with alcohol.

Natural medicines can provide more specific supports if you suffer respiratory, allergic, immune, mental health or other problems. If an individualized health plan would help you build your resilience throughout the pandemic, consider this offer:

30-minute, online session for the discounted rate of $50

This can be a one-off consultation. Or it can develop into a series of health coaching sessions to help you achieve your desired state of health.


1. BOOK: Schedule your 30 minutes online session & DOWNLOAD THIS Intake Form

2. PAY: Pay for your session in advance HERE

3. INFORMATION: Complete the intake form and email it back prior to your appointment. We’ll email you with contact details for your appointment

4. CONSULT: We will e-meet online for 30 minutes at your booked time to discuss your situation in more depth

5. REPORT: After the consultation, you will be emailed your personalised health plan. This will contain clear steps to enhance your well being

If herbal medicines or supplements are required, I’ll help organise them. I will recommend medicines that accessible for you, or set you up for online ordering, or dispense some of my herbal dispensary, as appropriate for your presentation and budget. Prescribed herbs or supplements have additional cost.

This offer is valid for the duration of the pandemic.

Naturopathic consultations with one of Australia’s leading naturopaths, Sally Mathrick

Sally’s consultation approach is based on naturopathic tenets, evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine, wholistic nutritional, herbal and integrative medicine.

With almost two decades of practicing in medical centres, private practice and in health clinics alongside osteopaths, physiotherapists and psychologists, Sally regularly collaborates with other practitioners for effective, patient centered care.

Sally currently practices as a naturopath within Recharge Health Clinic & Migraine Solutions in Clifton Hill (Melbourne) as well as Online.

We can help find resolution to health problems, often ones that are long standing using evidenced natural medicines in conjunction with traditional Naturopathic tenets, namely:

  • supporting the innate vitality and healing capacity
  • treating the whole person
  • removing any obstacles to cure
  • ameliorating the cause
  • fostering prevention
  • doing no harm
  • empowering people through teaching

While the focus is on your health rather than the disease, naturopathy is effective in resolving a wide range of chronic health conditions, including  fatigue, arthritis, depression and anxiety, gut and digestive problems, allergies, hormone imbalances, chronic immune issues, migraine and more. Drawing on her health science training, practical experience, scientific research and by obtaining a thorough understanding your own wants and needs, Sally creates individual wellness plans to support your whole being back to health.


Sally Mathrick

 What to expect

Your naturopathic consultation aims to get an understanding of your health issues, recent pathology test results and determine your health goals to develop an actionable treatment plan.

Selecting from naturopathic modalities – food as medicine, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, Lifestyle Medicine or other applicable remedy – together we  create a step by step, wellness plan to optimise your health and wellbeing

Naturopathy Consultation length:

Short Pandemic consultation takes 30 minute
Initial consultations take 75 or 90 minutes.
Follow up consultations are between 45 to 60 minutes.

Naturopathy Consultation rates:

Consultation Rates Schedule:
Naturopathy Consultation Prices Jan 2019 – Melbourne / Fitzroy North clinic

What to bring to your initial consultation:

  1. Naturopathic Intake Form or Naturopathic Child Intake Form
  2. Daily Food Diary to record 1-3 days of your normal food intake
  3. Copies of any recent pathology results or other testing or reports