Can we save the world through food?

The Planetary Health Diet In January 2019 the EAT-Lancet Commission released a report that identified the way of eating that could nourish 10 billion people on a sustainable planet in 2050. This is definitely the best news I’ve heard about global warming and the future survival of our species, ever. I play a role in [...]

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Veggo Paleo … Super healthy weight loss

Lose weight and help the planet! Have you heard that reducing meat intake is better for human health and helps reduce global warming, but are not sure what to do? This workshop unpacks high proteins and low carb diets, and shows you how increasing proteins from plants and funghi foods can satisfy you and [...]

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Navigating the plastic mayhem

Originally written Dec 2008 and previously published in Wellbeing Australia issue #120 Copyright Sally Mathrick – please cite www.sparklewell.com.au if using this information This ubiquitous, synthetic material can be shaped into virtually anything and has infiltrated virtually every corner of our modern world. If you look around right now, can you see any? A biro, [...]

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