Your guide to fasting

Fasting is a great healer for the human body. Over the past decade research has been coming in thick and fast proving the healing benefits of the time-honoured practice of fasting. The intricate biochemistry of cellular rejuventaion that is triggered by not eating has been revealed. It's metabolic adaptation that occurs is nothing short of [...]

Therapeutic Naturopathic Fasting – International Conference 2019

The 11th Herbal and Naturopathic International Conference is at The Pullman Albert Park Melbourne on March 29-31 2019. Sally is presenting "Therapeutic Fasting: Naturopathy stakes a claim". The talk reviews current scientific evidence of therapeutic outcomes from different fasting approaches, including intermittent, time restricted and prolonged fasting. Sally will discuss in-clinic (or in-retreat) testing to [...]

Therapeutic Fasting with Sally Mathrick – ANS 2018 Keynote Speaker

The 2018 Australian Naturopathic Summit (ANS) hosted Sally to provide an hour-long keynote presentation to over 300 people on "Fasting: A Quintessential Therapy". This talk explored the fasting traditions of Nature Cure and the current evidence base from human, animal and invitro studies. It warned of the likelihood of industrial pollutants interfering with physiological [...]

Two steps to break your fast

Fasting is one thing, but getting to the end of the fast and gorging on the nearest sugar doughnut undermines the benefits you have gained! ‘Breaking the fast is as important as the fasting itself.’ This is a natural medicine fasting concept which must be emphasised even, in my opinion, when intermittently fasting. During fasting [...]

Should YOU fast?

Many people baulk at the idea of fasting! Some people couldn't imagine how they would survive, even a few hours, without food. Yet, there are many people embracing fasting with both hands, due to the remarkable benefits to cellular function and healthy longevity. And because of how good it makes them feel! Intermittent Fasting (I.F.) [...]