Past Workshops

Liquid Nutrition workshops

"Eat your drinks, and drink your food" - Naturopathic adage In today's busy world, our capacity for proper digestion is diminished. This is partly because when we are stressed, we can't digest. It's natural that when we experience a stressful event, our physiological processes enable us to think sharply, be strong and run fast [...]

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Redefining ‘weeds’ & respect to dandelion

Although defined as “a valueless plant growing wild” (as per, weeds can be generously utilitarian: offering food, medicine, cultural enrichment and even a method of cleansing soils from toxic heavy metals. The full definition of a weed is a "plant that grows where it is not wanted". Essentially weeds create a problem for humans attempting to exert control [...]

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Herbal Medicine Making Workshops

Want to make your own medicines? Learn  how to make simple and effective remedies to ward off colds, treat coughs, boost your immune system and more... Come along to a special herbal medicine making workshop, with myself and my colleague, herbalist Helen Ussher. Herbal Medicine Making Winter Workshop #2 COMING SOON AGAIN at The [...]

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Detox Your World Workshop – Seven Sisters Festival

Detox can feel overwhelming when we consider how much and how many toxins we face each day. We know that every living being contains man-made chemical now. We know that some pollutants are more detrimental than others, and we know that some are only needed in tiny amounts to cause a devastating effect on function [...]

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