About Sally Mathrick

Naturopath & health educator Sally Mathrick offers online health courses, workshops, retreats & individual consultations to empower fresh thinking & whole health. With her third university degree underway, Sally is passionate about sharing effective, wellness wisdom that makes life more wonderful.

Stress Management Workshop

Learn tools to tap inner calm Effective methods to incite relaxation (parasympathetic dominance) Many people feel overwhelmed, have difficulty concentrating, don't sleep well, rely on stimulants and depressants or display other symptoms of poorly managed stress. We know mastering stress response impacts health, clear thinking and general life enjoyment, so it's well worth the [...]

Immune boost workshop

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Prevent your whole team from coming down with lurgies by adopting immune boosting & preventative strategies. Learn, hands on, how to naturally fortify your immune system through boosting foods, herbs and practices. It's not necessary to get sick regularly, we have the know-how on how to [...]