Increasing Plant Proteins – An Eating Workshop

We know that a predominantly plant-based diet is better for your AND our planet’s health. But not everyone knows how to make this way of eating delicious and nutritious.

Reducing meat consumption is proven to be a CRUCIAL action in reducing carbon emissions, according to Project Drawdown. Here’s a blog describing the Planetary Health Diet, a way of eating that’s healthy for you and Earth.

We also know that “Low Carb” diets enhance weight loss and reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with excess weight. “Low Carb”  means eating more proteins and fats instead or carbohydrates.  Protein-rich foods are generally associated with animal foods like meat and eggs. So, how can we achieve a low-carb diet that is healthy, safe, and helps our ecosystem at the same time?

Can we have good levels of protein when eating predominantly plants?

In the world of fad dieting, it’s easy to get confused.

So if you are…

  • fearful that eating more plants means eating bland, fart-inducing foods for the rest of your life…
  • needing clarity on the “low carb”, “clean & dirty keto” and “high protein” popular diets
  • hoping to lose fat, increase energy, and enjoy and support our lovely planet we have
  • or wondering what, let alone why, you would activate nuts? (You’ll learn what, how and taste why…)

this is the workshop for you!!

Learn about “low carb” eating and master vegetable proteins

Simply CONTACT US with your preferred dates and workshop to get the ball rolling


In this workshop you will obtain know-how about combining, sprouting and activating plant foods, and making them tasty so you can increase them in your diet.

This workshop unpacks high proteins and low carb diets, shows you how increasing proteins from plants and funghi foods can satisfy you and keep you healthy and lean.

“… a cooking class meets a nutrition class”

We get tasting with activating and sprouting nuts, seeds and legumes, and hands on with blending and using herbs and spices to make them even more tasty.

“Hands on, informative fun…”



  • About macro-nutrients (carbs, proteins & fats) and how each has an array of subsets
  • How shifting the percentages of each will aid in fat burning
  • Clear definitions of keto, paleo & low carb – and what might be right for you
  • Deep dive into carbohydrates types and complete proteins
  • Introducing ‘The Planetary Health Diet’ and how to reduce global warming
  • Anti-nutrients: what they are, how to navigate them and release nutrition from plants
  • Digestive issues with beans (Debunking ‘beans means farts’)
  • What this way of eating looks like in your daily diet

“exciting and inspiring…learnt SO MUCH”

Get hands on … (and lots of tasting)

  • Learn the best ways to prepare legumes/pulses/beans and activate nuts and seeds
  • How to sprout a range of beans, peas and seeds
  • Understanding dehydrating foods and tastings
  • Unpacking slow cooking processes
  • Exploring and creating tasty seasonings to make vegetable proteins taste delicious!

“Informative, fun and wholesome”


  • A kit and starting ingredients to get you sprouting
  • Knowledge that will serve you and your family well for ever (not to mention supporting our Earth systems!)
  • A clear path to healthy weight management

“Practical nutritional knowledge”

WHEN AND WHERE:Activated Seeds and nuts

  • We tailor a workshop to deliver to your team
  • A 60-90 minute time frame works best
  • Groups of 8-16 are good, however larger groups can be accommodated
  • Workshops require clear desk/bench space and access to a kitchen
  • We have a venue for upto 10 people (Nth Fitzroy)
  • We can provide all equipment, or can use yours

If you are what you eat … how vital are you? Bonus aspect of ‘Veggo paleo’ is getting more vitality! Activating foods and preparing them well convey benefits to your gut and enhance your vitality. Try it out and see for yourself!