Therapeutic Naturopathic Fasting – International Conference 2019

The 11th Herbal and Naturopathic International Conference is at The Pullman Albert Park Melbourne on March 29-31 2019. Sally is presenting "Therapeutic Fasting: Naturopathy stakes a claim". The talk reviews current scientific evidence of therapeutic outcomes from different fasting approaches, including intermittent, time restricted and prolonged fasting. Sally will discuss in-clinic (or in-retreat) testing to [...]

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Liquid Nutrition workshops

"Eat your drinks, and drink your food" - Naturopathic adage In today's busy world, our capacity for proper digestion is diminished. This is partly because when we are stressed, we can't digest. It's natural that when we experience a stressful event, our physiological processes enable us to think sharply, be strong and run fast [...]

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Therapeutic Fasting with Sally Mathrick – ANS 2018 Keynote Speaker

The 2018 Australian Naturopathic Summit (ANS) hosted Sally to provide an hour-long keynote presentation to over 300 people on "Fasting: A Quintessential Therapy". This talk explored the fasting traditions of Nature Cure and the current evidence base from human, animal and invitro studies. It warned of the likelihood of industrial pollutants interfering with physiological [...]

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Redefining ‘weeds’ & respect to dandelion

Although defined as “a valueless plant growing wild” (as per, weeds can be generously utilitarian: offering food, medicine, cultural enrichment and even a method of cleansing soils from toxic heavy metals. The full definition of a weed is a "plant that grows where it is not wanted". Essentially weeds create a problem for humans attempting to exert control [...]

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Detox for life

It’s time to pack away the Christmas chocolates and unpack the wheatgrass juice again, says naturopath Sally Mathrick. ‘Detox’ existed centuries before superstars made the lemon juice and maple syrup diet the latest fad. Back then, it was called depuration, fasting or cleansing and it did more than counteract an overly indulgent festive season! Dupuration [...]

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Navigating the plastic mayhem

Originally written Dec 2008 and previously published in Wellbeing Australia issue #120 Copyright Sally Mathrick – please cite if using this information This ubiquitous, synthetic material can be shaped into virtually anything and has infiltrated virtually every corner of our modern world. If you look around right now, can you see any? A biro, [...]

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