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Harness the relaxing force of your breath and gravity and let bound up tensions go. Enable a spaciousness to replace constriction and for a moment sink into the Supported Spaciousness that is your birthright.

Did you know that just thinking about a forest has been proven to reduce blood pressure? Our imagination is profoundly powerful. The mind can convince the body of many things. Let your mind bring your body back to balance and optimal wellness.

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Sound Medicine Relaxation Recordings were first created in 2001, when a family member was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer. The chemotherapy caused constant vomiting and immense weight loss. My yoga teacher suggested recording some “yoga nidra” relaxation tapes to help manage the stress and shock associated with the treatment, the cancer and the nausea. These relaxation tapes were more effective than anti nausea medications in reducing vomiting! Indeed, they were fundamental in eventual cure too, because they provided space to access the true determination to live and innate healing power.

We made a series of 8 tapes throughout the chemotherapy treatment and subsequent Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, under Dr Chen.

In 2007 another family member underwent surgery and chemotherapy for cancer. Again the tapes were used daily to assist in relaxation and cure. Fortunately, in both family members the cancer is totally cured and resolved.



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