No ‘flu fear. Funghi is here.

Influenza Prevention & Cure There is fear about influenza. You can read about it in the papers, and hear about it on the news. Fears about virus strains becoming more virulent, and fears that there are few effective medicines to resolve it. Yes, influenza is a serious disease, however being fearful doesn’t help our immunity [...]

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Three Immune boosting hacks

There are many new (and old) challenges that our immune systems need to manage, from chemical toxic exposures to super bugs, not to mention stress. Therefore, it’s handy to know hacks to keep your immune defenses fighting fit. Immunity is everywhere in our body, a complete system not located in isolated regions. However, it has [...]

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Fortify Your Team’s Immunity – Workshop

Sick and tired of being sick (and tired)? Prevent yourself, and your whole team, from coming down with sickness. Learn, hands on, how to naturally fortify your immune system with your own 90 -minute workshop. It's not necessary to get sick regularly, we have the know-how on how to prevent illnesses, and how to [...]

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Boosting Brain Power – Workshop

Think better, for longer The human brain is both fragile and profoundly powerful. Learn actions and practices that protect, balance and enhance the health of your precious brain. We all experiences a memory lapse here and there. As we age it seems that this is 'just what happens'. Today more women in Australia die [...]

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Sugar free life is sweet – Workshop

Learn how sugar secretly damages your health, how to ditch the cravings and find the sweetness inherent in life. The sweet, white stuff has had a lot of press over the past few years. We’re learning a lot about how it contributes to a wide range of illnesses. We know it's bad for us, [...]

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Women’s Midlife Transition Workshops

Thrive through Peri Menopause & Menopause Troubled by hot flushes, insomnia, emotional upheavals, weight gain, or feelings of aging radically fast? This is common, but not mandatory!! Things start changing for women in their early to mid forties... a few more wrinkles, less skin turgor, a strange period here and there. As they move [...]

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Zero Waste Bathrooms Workshop

Reduce the toxic burden Learn about the hidden toxins in your bathroom AND make your own toothpaste and deodorant. Reduce the personal toxins your ‘normal’ bathroom regime imparts by identifying toxicants & knowing about the effective alternatives. Plus, reduce plastic waste while you’re at it! The number of synthetic chemicals used each day in [...]

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Can we save the world through food?

The Planetary Health Diet In January 2019 the EAT-Lancet Commission released a report that identified the way of eating that could nourish 10 billion people on a sustainable planet in 2050. This is definitely the best news I’ve heard about global warming and the future survival of our species, ever. I play a role in [...]

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6 Approaches to Keep your Brain Healthy

Help your brain Health Educator Sally Mathrick spoke about keeping your brain healthy on Saturday March 2nd 2019, at the annual Seven Sisters Festival.   Brain Health and Disease Dementia related diseases kill more women than any other disease (ABS 2017). Currently 20% of people over 60 years of age have dementia symptoms, and TWO [...]

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Liquid Nutrition Workshops

"Eat your drinks, and drink your food" - Naturopathic adage In today's busy world, our capacity for proper digestion is diminished. This is partly because when we are stressed, we can't digest. It's natural that when we experience a stressful event, our physiological processes enable us to think sharply, be strong and run fast [...]

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