No-one wants to destroy the planet, right?

The majority of humans like (maybe even love) our planet. Most people, if they thought about it, would want to protect the natural world.

And yet, the decimation of natural systems continues. Destructive and degenerating forces seem to be embedded in the industrialised, capitalist system we live in.

This means we perpetuate environment damage with ‘normal’ and every day activities.

For example, when we eat food grown overseas, buy packaged products, throw food in the bin, fill up the car with petrol, or even when we expose our impressionable minds to mainstream marketing and aspire to consume something we don’t actually need (or want), we add to the burdens placed upon the natural life support systems.

It’s very tricky to live in the world without contributing to the destruction.

There ‘s no single, simple solution either.

Perhaps it’s actually asking ourselves powerful questions that can help us forge the regenerative path…?

In 2016 I ran a several “Detox Your World” workshops, in collaboration with the remarkable Amy Hart from The Soul of Business. The workshop aimed to glean and gather the knowledge and insights of 200 people, about how to switch from destroying to rejuvenating the planet.

These images below are summaries of these solutions for four realms of our world. If you look at each illustration enlarged, you’ll see hundreds of ways to think and act to co-create an awesome life for everyone (insects included).

Detox Your World Physical Realm
Detox Your World Inner Realm
Detox Your World Social Realm
Sparkle Detox detox your world environmental realm

Below are series of questions we can ask ourselves to keep us making choices that move us towards regeneration (unabridged):

Detox Your World Physical Realm

Questions to help rejuve your body

  • Am I responding, or am I being reactive?
  • Is this thought/emotion/action helping me to be a better person tomorrow?
  • Do I really need it?
  • How will this effect me in the future?
  • How do I make the best decision? What parameters are there for me to base good decisions upon?
  • Is this truly nourishing?
  • IS this joyful and nurturing of life?
  • Am I being conscious?
  • How does this product effect my body?
  • Do I understand what I’m consuming?
  • Can I only consume what I know to be beneficial to me?
  • Can I explain why I’m doing this? Ie smoking
  • What are my alternatives?
  • Is what I’m about to do going to cause harm to my body
  • Do I really need to buy this product?
  • Is there a better alternative?
  • What are the real costs in my decision?
  • How versatile is this natural product?

Detox Your World Inner Realm

Questions to help rejuve your thinking

  • How can I generate/create the gap/space/pause every day?
    What methods could I commit to achieve this?
  • Am I living my truth?
  • What is my truest hearts desire?
  • Will this thought head me in the direction of my core values/ our communal values?
  • Am I valuing myself?
  • Am I truly looking after my mental, physical and spiritual health?
  • Am I living in the now?
  • Am I connected?
  • Am I present?
  • Am I balanced?
  • Am I dealing with my emotions in a healthy way?
  • Am I giving attention/energy to negative thoughts/beliefs/self talk?
  • Do I love myself?
  • How can I feel ‘enough’
  • How will this serve my future?
  • Are peoples expectations helping me evolve into something that suits me, or not?
  • Will this raise my energy?
    Will this juice me… or will this zap me?
  • What is the impact of my action or thought?
  • If I focus on this, how will it grow?
  • Do I need to sit with this before I action this?*
  • What am I feeling?
  • How can I be of service?
    Does my action create a service for the greater good?
  • Can I change this?

Detox Your World Social Realm

Questions to help rejuve your Social Realm

  • How can I be a good role model?
  • How much energy do I give that doesn’t serve/support life?
  • Is this nourishing?
  • How do I define success?
  • What’s a healthy idea of success?
  • Who is this message serving?
  • Who/what messages do I want to share my space with?
  • How consciously am I curating my media to support flourishing in my social realm?
  • Does this make life more wonderful?
  • Do I really need this? (thought/thing/purchase)?
  • How can I be more inclusive?
  • How can all/my voice/s be heard in a conversation or discussion?
  • What are the different ways we can listen? How can we hear in different ways?
  • What is the emerging future, and can I be aware/here/feel/accept that?
  • How can I feel safe in the unknowing?
  • How comfortable can I be with being myself?
  • How can I bring kindness/compassion to this situation?
  • How can we break out of right/wrong thinking?
  • How many children should I have?
  • Does my action/behaviour put me closer or further away from life?
  • How will this effect my children/generations to come?
  • Am I true to my ancertral instinct or conforming to social norms?
  • What is ethical?
  • What is the end consequence of my actions?
  • How do we deal with conflict?
  • What does the other person need to hear?

Sparkle Detox detox your world environmental realm

Questions to help rejuve our World

  • What can I do better?
  • Does this serve life, or destroy it?
  • Do I really need it? Can I co-own this?
  • Can I grow/produce this myself?
  • Where does this product come from?
  • What will this be in 20 years from now?
  • How can I restore this?
  • How close to Nature is this product?
  • How many uses does this have? Is it multi-functional?
  • Do we need to be doing so much?
  • Is this part of the solution, or part of the problem?
  • How can we nurture the bees?
  • Is a little luxury/convenience worth the destruction of sea-life and potentially the planet?
  • Does the lack of plastic bags really impact your life?
  • What is the value of oxygen?
  • What is the value of water?
  • Have you really thought about a life without living oceans?
  • How can I support healthy marine environments?
  • How am I breaking my normal habits?
  • How can I reduce my packaging?
  • Is this money supporting wholesome/ethical practices?
  • What impact does this have on the environment?
  • Is this even necessary?
  • Am I putting chemicals on myself?

Regenerating our world is everyone’s responsibility. Given the heads of state throughout most of the world are letting us down (2019), we need to turn things around ourselves.

Let’s do this!

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