Will barbarian forces destroy the planet?

2019. We are in deep trouble.

It’s pretty easy to feel powerless in crisis situations. Particularly big ones like climate change, rampant species extinction, wars raged by insane and cruel governing forces and growing, crippling economic inequities.

It’s good to remember, the future hasn’t happened yet. It is unfolding every moment. Just because the odds are not favour of life on earth, it doesn’t mean the writing is on the wall.

Maybe  the “NOW HERE” concept will be a saving strategy. If we attend to our daily moments with whole hearted awareness, then collectively, we could shift the trajectory towards a regenerative and bright future.

“We all wake up together” –  Joanna Macy – Systems Scholar & Deep Ecology Pioneer

Joanna Macy calls this time “The Great Turning”: the time when we move from destructive to regenerative ways of living.

Joanna has strong connection with a Tibetan Lama in Northern India who shared with her the prophesy called, The Legend of the Shambala Warrior. This speaks of a time when warriors emerge to dismantle the barbarian forces that have the power to destroy the Earth. It predicts this time of dire trouble for life on Earth, and that at this time, people who practice courageous compassion and act from the knowing of our mutual belonging and interdependence simultaneously, have the power to dismantle the destructive barbarian forces from extinguishing Earth’s vitality. These people are called “Shambala Warriors”

Legend of the Shambala Warrior (4min Version Sally Mathrick)

Legend of the Shambala Warrior (8min Joanna Macy’s eloquent, detailed version)

Joanna Macy on the Shambhala Warrior from Chris Landry on Vimeo.

Are you a Shambala Warrior? I bet you are if you’re reading this!!

Here’s some juicy questions to ask (both to yourself and out loud) to help us turn in the direction we all want!