Redefining ‘weeds’ & respect to dandelion

Despite being defined as “a valueless plant growing wild” (as per Dictionary.com), weeds can be generously utilitarian; offering food, medicine, cultural enrichment and even a method of cleansing soils from toxic heavy metals. The full definition of a weed is a "plant that grows where it is not wanted". Essentially weeds create a problem for humans attempting to exert [...]

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How do we detox our world?

The ongoing pollution of our planet is inherent in the system we currently live in. We perpetuate the toxic littering of our environment with 'normal' and every day activities. For example, when we eat food not grown locally, buy products wrapped in plastic, fill up the car with petrol, expose ourselves to mainstream fear inciting [...]

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Activating Foods Workshop

If you are what you eat ... ... how alive is your food making you? Try eating a little fermented food each day to support your remarkable gastrointestinal ecosystem. Living foods enhance your vitality, this workshop walks you through this way of eating. Fermenting Food Workshop covers: How to absorb more of the minerals, vitamins [...]

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Liquid Nutrition

Too busy to eat well?  Then drink your food!!! "Eat your drinks, and drink your food" - Naturopathic adage In today's busy world, our capacity for proper digestion is diminished. This is partly because when we are stressed, we can't digest. It's natural that when we experience a stressful event, our physiological processes enable us [...]

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Fermenting Food Workshops

Fermenting food workshops in Bendigo, Melbourne, Echuca & Jerilderie! Join a hands-on fermented food workshop with Naturopath Sally Mathrick. Discover your palate for fermented food Learn about fermentation, how to do it yourself and why you would Create your own recipe and make a jar of sauerkraut to take home Fermenting food can optimise your [...]

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Detox Your World Workshop – At Seven Sisters Festival

Detox can feel overwhelming when we consider how much and how many toxins we face each day. We know that every living being contains man-made chemical now. We know that some pollutants are more detrimental than others, and we know that some are only needed in tiny amounts to cause a devastating effect on function [...]

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3 essential tips for Liver Cleansing

The long days of summer mean enjoying more social activities, and often an increased consumption of the foods and beverages that stray into the “bad” category. You can support your liver to manage these good times AND boost your energy, make your eyes sparkle and skin glow while you’re at it. Although there maybe no [...]

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Detox for life

It’s time to pack away the Christmas chocolates and unpack the wheatgrass juice again, says naturopath Sally Mathrick. ‘Detox’ existed centuries before superstars made the lemon juice and maple syrup diet the latest fad. Back then, it was called depuration, fasting or cleansing and it did more than counteract an overly indulgent festive season! Dupuration [...]

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