If you are what you eat …

… how alive is your food making you?

You can try eating a little fermented food each day to support your remarkable gastrointestinal ecosystem.


Living foods enhance your vitality, this workshop walks you through this way of eating.

Fermenting Food Workshop covers:

  • How to absorb more of the minerals, vitamins and trace elements in your whole food
  • How to prepare seeds and nuts to render their nutrients more accessible and bountiful
  • Tasting a range of living foods – and vitality enhancing snack food ideas
  • Discuss the ‘raw food’ vs ‘cooked food’ conundrum


  • What ‘anti-nutrients’ are, and why you want to reduce them in your food
  • About the health benefits of pulses, nuts and seeds, and the nutrition the can provide
  • The digestive issues surrounding living foods
  • The best way to prepare legumes/pulses/beans
  • How to ‘activate’ nuts (what it is and why you’d do it)
  • How to get the most nutrition from your seeds
  • How to sprout a range of beans, peas and seeds
  • Take home some legumes to sprout yourself



Sound Medicine Naturopathy

6-8pm Tuesday November 29th (2016)