Fermenting food can optimise your health in so many ways!

Join a hands-on fermented food workshop with Naturopath Sally Mathrick.

Packaged ‘food-like-products’ are often devoid of vitality, low in nutrition and made using an array of pesticides, preservatives and food processes. Because of this many of these don’t deliver the enzymes, flavours nor nutrients we need. How is this affecting our gut lining and microbiomes? We are still figuring out clear answers…  So much new science revealing more intricacies of just how important our gut microbiome is to overall health.

Fermenting your own foods is a huge boon to digestive health and wellbeing.

They can play a daily role in optimising your digestive and overall health.

Explore your palate when it comes to fermented vegetables, you will get your hands in and make your own sauerkraut. Together we will also make kimchi and kombucha. Take home recipes, your jar of fermenting vegetables, and the confidence and know-how to make your own.

  • Discover your palate for fermented food
  • Learn about fermentation, how to do it yourself and why you would
  • Create your own recipe and make a jar of sauerkraut to take home

Learn, taste, make & take home fermented foods.

Benefit from the good microbes that can support your overall health.

Most importantly, learn how delicious it is to incorporate it into your day to day life!!

Participants rating average: 9.3/10

What you will learn:

  • Knowledge about fermentation in foods, about ‘wild fermenting’ and using starting cultures
  • Insights into your gut biome, and how to nourish yours for optimal health
  • How to ferment foods at home – sauerkraut, kimchi & kombucha – step by step. If you don’t know what these are, you will soon MAKE YOUR OWN!
  • Tastes of a range of fermented foods. Understand your fermented food palate
  • Take home the ferment that you make yourself!
  • A 7-page handout with recipes and instruction on making your own fermented foods


Fermenting Food Workshops are regularly held in Bendigo, Melbourne, Echuca and Jerilderie.


Stay tuned. ext dates to be announced soon.