Think better for longer: Tactics that can reduced dementia risk by 60%

Learn actions and practices that enhance your chances of enjoying interesting conversations for your entire life.

We all experiences a memory lapse here and there. As we age it seems that this is ‘just what happens’.

Today more women in Australia die of dementia associated illnesses than any other complication!! However, it’s been calculated that 60% of these cases can be prevented through lifestyle medicines – that is exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle choices. We’ll discuss the programs that are halting and reversing signs of dementia.  We can incorporate these into our daily patterns so that we can all enjoy interesting, rich and fun conversations and experiences till the day we drop off this moral coil.

Here’s a blog and the 25 minute talk I gave in February 2019 sharing 6 Lifestyle Medicine ideas that you can incorporate to support brain health (the tips start around 13 minutes).


  • Some of the different theories of what happens to the brain and why dementia occurs.
  • How to minimise the possible causes of dementia.
  • How to enhance brain vitality – through nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise and additional lifestyle medicines (like connection).
  • A wide range of meal ideas you can incorporate to support good brain nourishment.


  • Some nourishing snacks that are delicious and supportive of good brain health
  • Some herbal teas for the brain
  • Knowledge that will serve you well for ever

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WHEN:  Date to be announced

What happens in a Nourish Yourself 90-minute Health Taster?

We start at 6.30pm and explore a topical question for 10 minutes. Then Sally will share some of the latest understandings from nutritional sciences and Lifestyle Medicine for 15 minutes or so. Following this we get hands on into the experience at hand – prepping, tasting, making etc. Then we reflect, discuss and generate some of the key ways we can implement the health hacks at home. You leave with somethings of great value, and out the door by 8.00pm.

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