To Eat or Not to Eat? A discussion on Fasting

Optimise your well being with Fasting. This talk and interactive discussion on intermittent fasting will show you how to: Lose weight, save money and feel better! Enjoy regular intermittent fasting, safely and effectively in your life Understand the latest science on intermittent fasting Gain confidence and motivation to improve your health Get practical know-how to [...]

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The science of flourishing

Article published by Ageless Magazine Singapore written by Sally Mathrick. Read it ScienceOfFlourishing

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3 essential tips for Liver Cleansing

The long days of summer mean enjoying more social activities, and often an increased consumption of the foods and beverages that stray into the “bad” category. You can support your liver to manage these good times AND boost your energy, make your eyes sparkle and skin glow while you’re at it. Although there maybe no [...]

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Detox for life

It’s time to pack away the Christmas chocolates and unpack the wheatgrass juice again, says naturopath Sally Mathrick. ‘Detox’ existed centuries before superstars made the lemon juice and maple syrup diet the latest fad. Back then, it was called depuration, fasting or cleansing and it did more than counteract an overly indulgent festive season! Dupuration [...]

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How could we live without plastics?

This ubiquitous, synthetic material can be shaped into virtually anything and has infiltrated virtually every corner of our modern world. If you look around right now, can you see any? A biro, phone, glossy labels, bottles of cleaning products, sticky tape, credit cards, sunglass frames, computers, food containers, traffic light covers, toothbrushes. Most plastic is [...]

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